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mi 10i price in bangladesh | gsmarena bd

mi 10i price in Bangladesh 2022 by gsmarena bd. Xiaomi Mi 10i is a newly launched smartphone in Bangladesh. It is one of the latest models of the Mi 10 series. It is priced at BDT 26,500.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Reviews

Huawei always likes to bring new brands to the market. Its fancy model entices users into a different attraction. As usual Huawei brand has come with a new innovative model that is definitely most awaited. Its OLED capacitive touchscreen appear very nice and 40mp triple camera useful for catching your best moments. With its different color like Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, Twilight, Pink Gold and Black flavor it has launched on October, 2018. After the announcement on November, 2018 it has released and be availabl...Read More

Google Pixel 4 XL Reviews

Before the Google Pixel 4XL was taken out, Google put out Google Pixel 4. But they thought bring on the best of something. From this concept it brings pixel 4XL with face unlock sensor features that makes the Google one of the best ranking position. It is mostly known as Google pixel XL4. With its 6.3 inches big display it was announced on October, 2019 and it gives available status on the same instant marveled.


CAMERA STATUS : Pixel 4 XL runs with 16mp camera with the f...Read More

Asus Zenfone 6 ZS630KL Reviews

Asus Zenfone 6 also known as Asus 6z, Asus Zenfone 6z, Asus Zenfone 6 2019. It has come only for your special demand and to introduce with you near the globe. With its strong figuration the Asus company has decided to launch this update version on May, 2019. And very less distance it may releasedon also May ,2019 instant.  Its 48mp dual camera basically famous to hold on your special moments. Do you really need this special feature for your own? So let enjoy with the full description of Asus Zenfone 6 delibera...Read More

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Reviews

A phone with Triple camera system include Wide, Ultra Wide & telephoto function in night mode is popularly known namely iPhone 11 Pro. The Apple trademark symbolized smart phone 11 pro is the next coming version before iPhone 11. There is no doubt about the face value of Apple brand. With huge contacts iPhone 11 Pro has launched on September, 2019 & the same instant it becomes available to you certainly. This is a phone in which iOS 13 Operating System that is upgradable to iOS13.3. Apple iPhone 11 Pro carr...Read More

Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022

Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2022. Mobile phones became fashionable in Bangladesh in the late 90s. They were larger than the phones nowadays. An antenna was placed at the one side of the phone, and they were difficult to carry due to their weight. They were technically known as "brick phones." There was only one function you could get on a mobile phone: making a phone call. But these phones were expensive, and it was very prestigious to own an unassuming mobile phone back then. They aren't in the marketplace.

Feature Phones : Feature Phones At the start of the century of 20th were the slightly more sophisticated "bar phones" or "feature phones." They were often referred to as "button phones" or "button phones" in Bangladesh. They came with an option of text messaging, MMS and polyphonic ringtones. They also had FM radios, 3.5 mm jack, basic games Bluetooth, and some came with a low-quality back camera. Feature phones quickly gained popularity in the population of Bangladesh. The affordable feature phones were more expensive than first-generation mobile phones of Bangladesh and offered more features at the same time. This is because, at the time, technology was

Smartphones : Smartphones In the middle of the 20th century, the first generation of smartphones came on the market. Nokia maintained its position as the top smartphone by introducing its N series of smartphones. BlackBerry was a reputable brand during the initial smartphone generation. There was no touchscreens, apps, etc., and you couldn't do many things on these devices. The internet was becoming increasingly commonplace, but it was only possible to use a slow GPRS technology until the 3G network was introduced in Bangladesh in 2012. The first-generation smartphones were designed to perfection, with better camera performance and more internal storage. Storage of images, MP3 audio files, video or MP4 files, ringtones of various types, themes for mobile phones, and so on. These were the primary functions of these devices and making calls on 2G, sending MMS and SMS.

Android Smartphones : At the close of 2008, HTC Dream was the initial commercial Android phone was released by HTC named HTC Dream. Within one year of its introduction, Android started to reshape the market completely. While Apple iPhones running iOS and Nokia's Symbian or BlackBerry OS phones were present on markets, Android phones took the leading position with their revolutionary Android store applications and the wide range of options that these apps provided. Android phones began to gain the attention of Bangladesh following the launch of the 3G network in Q4 of 2012. Symphony and Samsung were the top brands during the initial few years with Android in this South-East Asian country. As of September 20, 2021, Android had about 72.44 per cent of the global smartphone market (according to StatCounter). StatCounter) and is expected to be more in Bangladesh. Apple's iOS was second with a 26.75 per cent market share.

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